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Table clcoks from the house Hermle arouse enthusiasm equally with demanding design and technical refinement. The high-quality clocks models indicate you the time exactly and present themselves as a special Wohnaccessoire. With a Hermle table clock premium you can lend to your equipment expression and stress your individual residential style.

Table clock Hermle 22998-740352 Grossuhren.de
For the 99th anniversary of the company, this Hermle table clock has been built 99 times. We have the consecutive numbers 80 for you. A drawer is integrated in the front for storing the winding key. A table clock highlight in your living area!
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Table clock 21153-031050
Masterful watchmaking meets appealing design with precise Hermle caliber 1050-020 movement, 8-chime striking mechanism and selectable melodies. Functional sophistication: insensitive to inclined planes, automatic night shut-off. The wooden case made of American walnut, ivory-colored dial and filigree baroque hands radiate timeless elegance
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Igenious details - the fascination of the Hermle clocks

The Hermle table clock premium is a technically mature time knife with mechanical clockwork. To the specific features of the clocks models belong a Westminster-blow work with melodic way sticks, the automatic night disconnection and finely worked dials.

Hermle table clock premium - quality of Hermle

The clock manufacture Hermle produces since 1922 unusual great watches in German production. The Hermle table clock premium is a decorative piece of art in timeless nice optics which pulls the looks at itself and arouses enthusiasm with tasteful details. If you have questions to the watch models of Hermle or your order, our experienced team helps you by telephone or by e-mail.

Let themselves enchant you by the luxurious clock design!

Here in this category we have put together to you the Hermle table clock premium in your amusing design variety. Click to yourselves by the choice and inspire yourselves from the extravagant optics of the table watches. They order your new table clock of Hermle here from us for the attractive price and, moreover, can be glad about a manufacturer's guarantee of two years on the clockwork.

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