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Time knife of Jacqes Farel - wristwatches appropriate for children, product-checked and manifoldly

Make easier you to your children learning the time by devices suitable to age. You find with Grossuhren.de a wide repertoire of watches for boys and girls. Coloured tapes and cases look attractive, the figure sheet disposes of well recognizable figures. The Swiss enterprise of Jacqes Farel, in 1984 founded by Jacques Froidevaux, places high value of optics and quality of his goods. Advancedly designed makes and observance of the highest high-class standards mean the guide of growing production.

Green Child clock JF ORG304
The children's watch Jacques Farel ORG0304 in blue is equipped with a 3 hand quartz movement. The watchband is made of organic cotton, embroidery and stitching according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100.
36,95 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Green Child clock JF ORG0777 ORG0988
Two children's watches Jacques Farel ORG0777 in blue and ORG0988 in brown are selectable in the drop down menu and are equipped with a 3 hand quartz movement. The watchband is made of organic cotton, embroidery and stitching according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100.
36,95 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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Steady article controls for the observance of the valency

Every child clock corresponds to the EC directives for the restriction of dangerous materials in technical devices. Besides, the copies of the EU-chemical order as well as the utility item order are defeated. Besides JF checks his products for 84 substances which classify the agency for chemical materials as seriously doubtful. Under the name "Green" sold watches own a tape of cotton to biological cultivation. The processing of mehrer situations cotton guarantees permanence of the material. The child watches receive their optical charm by affectionately eingestickte motives. The thread is produced after Öko-Tex standard 100 in German production. The case exists of 99.9%-ig to pure aluminium. Case ground, knob and fastener exist of skin-acceptable steel of the type 304. A certification enterprise and test enterprise (SGS) takes over steady control of the production. The watches are dispatched in FSC-certificated packaging material with a cord from bamboo. For manufacturing the colours Jacqes Farel uses no oil, but soy.

The suitable child clock shop with Grossuhren.de

Girls are enthusiastic about the colours Rose and lilac - the colours of the clock "ORG1010". On the tape you see an owl in the tones of the tape., Among the rest, the following qualities mark the model:

- waterproof to 3 bars and 30-metre depth - resistant mineral glass - Battery without mercury.

many boys like football. The child clock "ORG1011" is provided with a sewed on football on the watch tape. The clock also made according to legal regulations distinguishes itself, for example, by:

- Crown protection on the flank - low weight of 16 grammes - soft, pliable tape.

except the introduced representatives find you in the on-line shop other pretty wristwatches of Jacqes Farel for children. All models dispose of a well readable figure sheet whose pointers are marked with "hour" and "minute". Discover the variety of the range of products and surprise your child with an unusual model Grossuhren.de!