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The Jacob Jensen Design Studio offers telephone, toaster, smoke detector or park disc. Star designer Jacob Jensen is known for his sleek, simple and modern creations. Some of his design pieces are now in the Arktiv for Dansk Design collection in the Design Museum of Denmark and in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

T-1 Telefone Jacob Jensen
The phones designed by Jacob Jensen 32 T1 is a uniquely functional product. The handset has an elegant slender shape and rises by gentle pressure on the upper part of the handset directly into the user's hand.
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T-3 Telefone Jacob Jensen
T3 phone designed by Jacob Jensen is unique + functional. With the classic Jacob Jensen design, telephone connections become a special pleasure.
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Digital alarm clock LED QI AMS 1300
Intelligent digital alarm clock with Qi function, the wireless charging of mobile phones that support the standard, large numbers, 3 levels of brightness, additional lighting, date and temperature display are further functions of the new AMS digital alarm clock.
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In the category Accessories at you will find some products of this star designer. These are not only suitable as a gift idea for someone special. They are also very well suited for your own needs, since you can use these items at any time once. They all do not look stylish and modern, but are also unique and precise in their technique.

Jacob Jensen products here in the &environment overview

Design products in modern design from the category "Accessories". Whether toasater, kitchen scales, smoke detector or telephone - all products are practical and useful things for daily life. They have been chosen for you because of their puristic style and excellent quality.

- Design Desk Clock Classic Desk Clock: This desk clock measures 17.2 x 3.3 cm and consists of two solid aluminium leaves. Wonderful to look at are its contrasts in black and silver, which share both the housing and the clock face längs.
- Telephone T-80 cordless: The telephone with its narrow handset appears elegant and unobtrusive. It is easy to mount on the wall, has a powerful display and other practical functions. - Handset for the T-80 cordless phone: This handset can be used as an additional or replacement for the T-80 base station.
- T-1 Phone: This phone is one of the slimmest and smallest analog phones on the market. It is straightforward and delicate. It also has a memory for ten speed dial numbers and two fixed memory keys. - Smoke detector: This smoke detector in its white trapezoid shape responds quickly to visible smoke and is very easy to mount on the wall.
- One Slot Toaster matt silver / matt black / matt gold: These toasters look extravagant and high-quality in their design. All three have an LED display and nine levels.