AMS grandfather clocks according to Black Forest watch tradition for high demands.

ams floor clocks

Grandfather floor clocks from the watch factory AMS

The AMS grandfather clocks are precision clocks from the Black Forest. There, traditions are kept alive and accompanied into the future. That's the charm of the beautiful watches. You can buy on the Internet, nobody has to travel to the Black Forest first to buy a watch. The beautiful watches are made in many variants from noble wooden. These handles are perfect not only for other wooden furniture but also for metal and glass perfectly. All watches have clearly visible dials, so you can see the time when you enter the room. The grandfather clocks from the Black Forest are all equipped with the dials in the upper area.

AMS grandfather clocks the focal point in your living room

Each watch is a unique piece, which is exactly what you want it to be. Therefore, the prices also vary between 3,000 and 10,000 euros. The customer has the choice between simple metal pendulums and splendid pendulums. The extravagant movements are controlled by simple chain teeth or loose cables. With the help of a crank, the movements can be wound up. The fine dials also have a visually appealing display of the lunar phases to the largest part. So not only is the time of day and night to see, and the state of the moon can be seen at a glance.

Grandfather clocks complete my apartment

Typical for the AMS watches is the curved upper arc. But this bow is not only traditional, it fits in any modern ambience. Some rooms are playfully designed, other rooms are very simply arranged and leave plenty of room for other decorations in the room. The clock is always the secret center on every wall. The sound of a grandfather clock is created by the sound of fine gong or beeping. Not only simple melodies, but the Westminsterschlag can sound. An automatic night shutdown is also on offer.

Warranty Replacement

For grandfather clocks you benefit from Warranty extension from 3 to 5 years. On all watches the cost of more than 1.000 Euro we extend the warranty to 5 years! As a result of the statutory guarantee period of two years, the guarantee lapses by 3 years beyond the statutory deadline. This means for you: security when buying a watch at All defects, which are justified in the clockwork, are repaired free of charge. This is a service we offer to our customers of without calculation. Here you can find all information about the Warranty Verification

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