Anniversary Clocks square from Haller

Table clcoks of Haller - high-quality individuality

The annual clocks own a rotary pendulum and are unique, because they look not only very nice, you support the clocks with your expression of the personal luxury, because each of the watches is a unique piece. All models are made with special love to the detail, so that you can revalue your everyday life. For the choice quite special clocks stand to you with because they enrich the atmosphere of your rooms immediately. They can buy the table watches comfortably on-line.

Carriage clock glass cylinder Haller 7021-6
This high-quality table clock is also suitable as a mantel clock. It has a cylindrical shape, stands on a wooden base and is lacquered in black. The is equipped with a precise quartz movement and a pretty pendulum.
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Annual clock angularly cherry tree wood Haller - classically and gracefully

This nice annual clock owns an angular form, a rotary pendulum and a quartz clockwork. The clock case in high-quality cherry tree and the crystal glass which is appropriated round about put out the special magic of the table clock. The newest quartz technology of the watch factory of Haller is responsible for the lasting, maintenance-free time measurement. The hanger clutch exists of brass and the crystal glass are the further details which provide with the black pointers and the Roman figures for the best contrast. The dial of the noble clock is two-tone. If you order the table clock from, receive this in the original cardboard from Haller already with battery.

Annual clock Swarovski Kugel Kristallen Haller

this high-quality model of Haller is provided with Swarovski crystals on the rotary pendulum. In addition, it is equipped with a blow work which holds ready alternatively the Westminster melody or ding-dong tones for you. The classical table clock with Torsionspendel is sharpened polished and has disposed of a case from brass-full metal and crystal glass. Pretty details like the corroded rose motives, the Roman figures and the two-tone metal dial round the optics capably and allow the best contrast. You receive table watches with always to optimum conditions and with the best service.