Watches for nurses with pulsometer scale

Watches For Nurses

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A nurse's watch with a pulsometer scale is a watch that is not worn on the wrist like a pocket watch. However, unlike pocket watches, which usually have a spring cover and are fastened with a chain and a snap hook so that the precious jewels are not lost, these watches have a special device for attaching them to clothing.

Nurses clock pulse monitor scale Regent 32P270
Dial fluresziered green clock with the nurse good night readability of chain elements with heart rate monitor and scale minute scale is accurate quartz battery movement luminous hands and 2.
39,90 EUR
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Nurses watches for the emergency

There are many situations in which it is advisable not to wear a wristwatch. This is the case, for example, when the job requires you to constantly work with your hands and wrists in water. In this case, a wristwatch would have to be taken off continuously and put down somewhere. The danger of forgetting this is quite high and the watch could be damaged in the water. On the other hand, there is the danger of forgetting the watch where it was put down after work is done.