Jacob Jensen Wecker Danish Design

design alarm clock by jacob jensen

High-quality alarm clocks as design objects

The alarm clocks of Jacob Jensen belong to the most popular design objects in our offer. The high grade processed alarm clocks are formed by Danish architects and designers and provide thanks to her high functionality and her unique design for fresh wind in your bedroom. Thanks to different colour combinations and alarm clock variations you can select to yourselves the suitable alarm clock for your interior arrangement fast and simply.

  • high-quality design pieces
  • Exact clockworks
  • harmonious wake-up tones
  • high functionality
  • the best processing
  • From classically to modern one available

Modern alarm clocks for every taste

Our Desingwecker of Jacob Jensen are a real eye-catcher in every bedroom. More than every pendulum clock or wall clock these pull the look of the viewer at themselves and are convincing, in addition, with high functionality. No matter whether as a radio alarm clock with classical figure sheet in brightly or darkly or as a modern digital alarm clock with digital figure sheet the alarm clocks know how to be convincing of Jacob Jensen by her good Ablesbarkeit and her exact functionality. The awakening times are precisely adjustable with all design alarm clocks and offer the perfect start in the day with a loud, but harmonious wake-up tone.

The best wake-up function and exact clockwork

All design alarm clocks of Jacob Jensen dispose of an exactly working clockwork which allows an exact announcement of the time and an exact wake-up function. However, not only in the bedroom, but also in the kitchen these design pieces offer real advantages. Also the egg timer from the house Jacob Jensen is convincing by her unique design, her high functionality and her light service. Access still today and improve in appearance of her bedroom or of your kitchen with these design pieces from the house Jacob Jensen. As an alternative to Jacob Jensen Weckern in the category of alarm clocks are the design alarm clock of Rosendahl by Arne Jacobsen. Profit from the attractive payment possibilities and order certainly with grossuhren.de.

Jacob Jensen alarm clock with digital LCD segments in an analog display are unique, totally silently, without noise, the quartz clock tick in the typical design of Jacob Jensen minimalist, less is more lucid and clearly defined simply order online here and buy in the shop.
Our standard price 69,50 EUR
Your price 62,55 EUR
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This Jacob Jensen design design alarm clock is silently sound and handy for the journey without a tick sound well suited a quartz alarm clock with battery operation with LCD segments instead of pointers.
Our standard price 69,50 EUR
Your price 62,55 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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