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Welcome to the Watch-Shop of Markenuhren Produktion und Vertrieb Pohlmann e.K. in Herford

Here you will find a wide range of high-quality watches of various styles from classic to modern and sporty to exclusive. Besides wristwatches for ladies and gentlemen, radio wall clocks, grandfather clocks and table clocks, we also carry pendulum clocks as well as alarm clocks without ticking noise and constant night lighting.

Watchmaker With orkshop

As watchmaker with workshop we offer you professional advice and a reliable brand clock service. Craftsmanship meets with us to the enthusiasm for a centuries-old tradition.

Our advice

Full calendar clock AMS 3633-1
 This wall clock AMS with pendulum is a top product of German watchmaker's art with full calendar and English melodies blow work here on-line shop with
Our standard price 3.400,00 EUR
Your price 3.060,00 EUR
3D wall clock Hermle-wood-30103-002100
DURABLE is this Hermle wall clock Made in Germany. The round wooden case has a unique 3D flower pattern on a blue background.
139,00 EUR

Specials 7456 AMS
Pendulum clock not overdriven, not intrusive but discreet, the AMS 7456 sets in natural stone edition scene
RRP 199,00 EUR
Only 155,55 EUR
Fireplace 7021-6-haller
This high-quality table clock is also suitable as a mantel clock. It has a cylindrical shape, stands on a wooden base and is lacquered in black. The is equipped with a precise quartz movement and a pretty pendulum.
RRP 599,00 EUR
Only 555,00 EUR
Shield clock - wall clock with pendulum finely hand-painted is characterized by high craftsmanship the movement is fully mechanical with wheel, drive, lever and springs driven by weights on the chain and long pendulum.
RRP 1.099,00 EUR
Only 888,00 EUR
Table clock Hermle 22998-740352
For the 99th anniversary of the company, this Hermle table clock has been built 99 times. We have the consecutive numbers 80 for you. A drawer is integrated in the front for storing the winding key. A table clock highlight in your living area!
RRP 2.995,00 EUR
Only 1.999,00 EUR