Small Watch for the fitting of Atlantamit quartz technology in metal-glass design

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Table clocks of Atlanta - beauty in metal glass of design

You search for your flat a suitable table clock which looks noble and representative? They prefer quartz technology combinedly with modern glass design? Then watches are Atlanta your best choice with Glass and metal unite an unusual design and gives to the watches an elegant mark. They adapt themselves on the Sideboard, in shelves even on the desk to the style of the equipment. The time wins an ease, because the white dial seems to float. Black figures contrast contrastingly with the background. Also from a little bigger distance the pointers are well visible and indicate exactly the time.

Carriage clock for the fitting glass metal Atlanta 3038-19
Glass Clock for the fitting metal design your living area embellished buy online safely here in the shop for clocks advance at a discount.
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You Discover the precious style clocks of Atlanta with

small columns carry a metal frame of the small table clocks, alternatively with brass-coloured or silvery line grinding. Polished applications contrast with the time announcement. Filigree pointers point to the Roman numerals which stress the style of the chapter columns. Do you prefer round forms? You buy small table watches for putting in the Romanesque style from massive brass with The watches are polished weakly and are available in silver colours or golden colours. An Surfaces zaponierung protects your small piece of jewellery. Style watches are also available with pendulum.

Time is irreplaceable

The table clocks of Atlanta are equipped with a quartz clockwork. A battery supplies the disk drive with energy and provides for a free from problems receipt with the radio watches. Chronometres with radio receipt receive the best signal near a window. TV devices, PCs and other electronic devices can affect a signal receipt of the radio watches strongly. With these watches you insert merely the battery polrichtig. The time, the date and all other settings does the signal DCF for you. The quartz work second-exactly keeps afterwards to the time.