Grandfather clocks AMS Hermle Vuillemin

In this category you find a big choice in attractive grandfather clocks. They can buy here high-quality clocks from AMS, Hermle and Vuillemin

From expert hand made: traditional grandfather clocks

With the purchase of clcoks from this category you buy with it not only valuable collector's items and design objects, but you also buy the attitude to life of the last watch time. The watches already arouse enthusiasm at first sight with her detailed fullness. All cases of the grandfather clocks are made by expert hand and reveal a high craft art. Every watch model tells his own story and will provide with visitors and guests for big interest.

Grandfather floor clocks AMS 2240-9 cherry
Modern grandfather clock in cherry tree with inlaid works works and sides glazing give the look freely on the mechanical grandfather clocks to clockwork with 8 days of rope train construction with second pointer and phases of the moon announcement the big Lyra pendulum and the melodies full of sound are an acoustic great pleasure of the watch manufacturer AMS.
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AMS grandfather clock 2240-1 walnut
Grandfather clock in walnut-tree massif wood case with inlaid works works the sides glazing gives the view freely on the mechanical grandfather clocks to clockwork with eight days of rope train and small second, the phase of the moon announcement and the big Lyra pendulum is a showpiece in your flat.
4.390,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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Exactly running clockworks - for the highest claims

The run exactness and reliability are important signs of grandfather clocks. All products offered in this category are enough for the highest demands for the mechanics of the clock and are especially long-lasting with it.

Experience brand quality of famous manufacturers

In this category you find excluding products of famous brand manufacturers. The famous producers AMS, Hermle and Vuillemin belong to it. From AMS models from walnut-tree, cherry tree and alder are available, for example, the manufacture already makes for more than 160 years in ford cheeks. 

Competent customer service - for your satisfaction

So that you can also find really the best grandfather clocks for your need, the customer service points you what it depends by the purchase on. They can contact us by e-mail as well as by phone. In this manner you find even faster to your desirable clock.

Look around round this category and find suitable grandfather clocks for your house or your flat!