First class cuckoo clocks over 1000 euros richly decorated with 8 day movement

Attractive cuckoo clocks of Hekas

With a fine assortment gives it in exclusive cuckoo clocks for prices of more than 1,000 euros. They are equipped with 8 days of clockwork including gong on the sound feather and a composition. Also an extensive decoration of the original cuckoo clocks from the Black Forest is guaranteed. The on-line shop delivers his watches also internationally.

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Cuckoo clock 8 days 55-cm-largely music Hekas

Looking you to itself this very extravagantly made cuckoo clock once exactly in. Capricorn figures, hunter figures and eagle figures which are carved meticulously belong to the equipment. The exclusive clock owns mechanical 8 days of clockwork and a music-melody play which contacts by the full hour, while the movable cuckoo shouts in each case to the half and full hour. However, this is not yet everything, because a blow disconnection is also integrated in the clock. Also a turning dance pair was appropriated in the cuckoo clock. The nice dial owns figures of wood and bird's pointer. The manufacturer grants a guarantee of 2 years on the clockwork. Shop this wonderful clock with

Cuckoo clock 8 days Exclusively 64 cm Hekas

To the exclusive models also hears this nice cuckoo clock. Here carved bear's figures and mechanical 8 days of clockwork find themselves extravagantly. Further details are a music-melody play by the full hour and the possibility of the blow disconnection. The pretty, movable cuckoo shouts to every half and full hour. Wonderfully worked out, rotary dance pairs move to the melody. The figures on the dial and the weights are made out of wood, while the pointers indicate the time in bird's form reliably. If you decide for the purchase of this clock with, receive two-year guarantee on the clockwork.