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Children's watches duzzidoo

Children's watches from duzzidoo: discover the colorful world of insects

duzzidoo children's watches catch the eye at first glance due to their fun design. A colorful display, a matching bracelet and last but not least a friendly, tactile insect as decoration - these features make children's eyes shine on a watch from this collection! Among the orange, pink and blue-green models, the favorite color of your offspring is sure to be included and will quickly put a duzzidoo watch on your wish list for your birthday.

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The quartz watches can be even more than & quot; only & quot; good to look: they are waterproof up to 30 meters, very robust and have a pleasantly soft bracelet that promises maximum comfort. Thanks to the secure pin buckle, a duzzidoo children's watch can still not be lost during exciting romping outdoors. Even the compact housing with a diameter of 30 mm should not interfere with gaming. These are all characteristics that should be of use to your offspring in the very first wrist timekeepers.

Other properties of children's watches:

  • Gait autonomy: approx. one year
  • Two-hand quartz movement available
  • Display is protected by mineral glass
  • Extra battery is included

An art project: the child-friendly collection for boys and girls

duzzidoo goes back to a project of the Filius Zeitdesign brand and Stefan Bartholomae, an artist from Bonn. In creative collaboration, ten colorful children's watches with animal journeyman were the main actors. Boys and girls can choose whether an ant, a glowworm, a grasshopper, a caterpillar, a butterfly, a dragonfly, a bumblebee, or one of three bugs (Marien-, Mint and paw beetles) should adorn her wrist. The insects were intentionally designed by the artist without many details. The reason: The young watch wearers can easily trace the 3D motif of their wristwatch if they want to. It is also easier for the young target group to grasp the typical properties of the insects.

By the way: The name duzzidoo was chosen for the watch collection because it reminds of the child-friendly language of adults when dealing with small children. As a father and mother, you have certainly already used the term in the game, right?

Strikingly beautiful and easy to read: advantages of children's watches

The children's watches from duzzidoo are a real highlight even for the very youngest. Filius Zeitdesign and Stefan Bartholomae name the very young as the target group: girls and boys from zero to six years. The watches come in cheerful colors - there are several versions that boys and girls should like. In addition, they make learning the times easier thanks to the easy-to-read hands specially produced for the collection and the simply designed display.

Children's watches from duzzidoo, for example, prove to be a suitable gift for the start of kindergarten or school. They are delivered in a lovingly designed packaging that matches the topic and will accompany your offspring with their special 3D haptics in the long term. But a birthday watch in your favorite color will also cause enthusiasm.

Children's alarm clock as part of the colorful collection

Lovingly designed children's alarm clocks complete the collection. Animal companions from the insect world are also eye-catchers here. How about a child's alarm clock that matches the children's watch, the son or daughter is greeted with the cheerful favorite insect in the morning? Getting up for kindergarten or school is certainly easy!

The children's alarm clocks as well as the children's watches are quartz models. The special feature of the children's alarm clock from duzzido is their rubber touch surface. This is pleasantly soft and the alarm clock is therefore easy to use. Even the youngest will surely get along with it and enjoy it. A large display with a generously sized pointer immediately reveals the current time - no frills, but thanks to the integrated insect in a fun and child-friendly way. The children's alarm clocks are a charming eye-catcher for every child's room thanks to their colorful colors and the insects already known from the collection.