Lowell wall clocks the great clock has become a lifestyle


They are enthusiastic about the elegant Lowell-wall clocks in decorative designs? Here in this category we offer to you the design variety of Lowell.

Italian design for your equipment

With her elegant optics and creative details present themselves the Lowell-wall clcoks as a modern highlight on your walls. The clocks models distinguish themselves by her high-quality processing and are available for your living rooms as well as the office.

Wall clock metal Lowell 05782T
8 circles frame the dial in beige and give the Lowell wall clock a voluminous design in the dimension 50x50cm Made in Italy conveys Italian lifestyle.
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Italian Lowell design for your interior design/h2>

With their stylish looks and creative details, Lowell wall clocks are a modern highlight on your walls. The clock models are characterised by their high-quality processing and are available for your living rooms as well as the Büro.

Lowell - Wall clocks with fl uid light iron movements

The Lowell brand of watches combines Italian chic with high quality workmanship. The movements of the Lowell wall clocks and pendulum clocks are manufactured with care and inspire with their smooth, quiet operation without any ticking noise. Thanks to the clearly arranged dials, the time can be easily seen at a glance. Lowell watches are available here with a two-year warranty on the movement.

Wall clocks, the mediterranean clock models from Lowell!

Take a look around this category and find Italian wall clock flair from Lowell Clocks, elegant wall clocks from Lowell with technical sophistication. A special feature is the analogue projection clock, which projects your clock face onto the wall with daylight from a distance. Lowell wall clocks the large clock has become lifestyle!