Alarm clock with 220 volt power

Digital alarm clock 220V adapter

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Our AMS and Atlanta power alarm clocks are functionally on the highest level and have a 220 volt power connection/adapter, with digital time display. The Hertz regulation ensures precise timekeeping. The current from German sockets flows at a constant frequency of 50 hertz, which is common worldwide. A voltage drop to 180 volts therefore has no effect on the precision of our 220 volt mains clocks. Our range of power alarm clocks with 220 volt adapters is diverse and also offers models with permanent night illumination, without annoying ticking.

Atlanta radio alarm clock 2601
Small clock radio with many features from Atlanta with green LED display is easy to see. In addition, this radio mains alarm clock has an alarm repeater, date display and four adjustable brightness levels of the display.
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Alarm clock mobile charging station Atlanta 1129-0 white
Simply place your cell phone on the alarm clock and charging begins. This LED alarm clock with 220 volt power connection in white has a clear dimmable LED time display, with date 3 alarms and temperature display.
Our standard price 49,90 EUR
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Intelligent digital alarm clock with Qi function, the wireless charging of mobile phones that support the standard, large numbers, 3 levels of brightness, additional lighting, date and temperature display are further functions of the new AMS digital alarm clock.
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Radio alarm clock AMS 1303
Clock radio with extensive functions such as sunrise light and snooze function. Choose between 7 alarm tones and the radio, so you will be gently woken up in the new day.
Our standard price 129,00 EUR
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Digital alarm clock AMS 13032
Digital alarm clock with radio, sleep, sleep and sunrise light function. The alarm tone 1 standard and a further 6 alarm melodies. Start your new day relaxed with this LED radio digital alarm clock.
Our standard price 149,00 EUR
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incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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Stream alarm clock with 220 volts from the outlet

The model 1143-1 of Atlanta owns a case of plastic and 24 hourly announcements. With stream failure the time storage comes into force. The digital announcement appears in big, red figures LED. The repetition, a silent clockwork and the permanent lighting counts to the other equipment of the clock. The figures are specially big and are good therefore at every time of day to read. In the alarm clock there is an anew developed CPU which allows the automatic time storage. She is used in the case of a stream interruption. Therefore the clock goes on at switched off announcement LED also without stream and indicates the correct time with the stream resumption. The wake-up function can be put by in / On counter. The Snooze key is equipped with a slumber function and lets the alarm clock fall silent for 9 minutes. This is repeatable up to 5 spot. Otherwise the alarm sounds for about 1 hour. The manufacturer of the alarm clock grants a two-year-old guarantee time on the clockwork. The model 1142-6 of Atlanta is equipped with 24 hourly announcements in green. Also the clockwork of this alarm clock is silent and allows a pleasant night's rest. A polished case of plastic and also with this model belongs to the external signs two-year guarantee on the clockwork are granted by the manufacturer.