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Delite ship clocks - maritime tradition and progress

The cradle of today's ship clocks of the Delite brand is in the Black Forest. There, the production of high-quality annual clocks began in 1881 with the foundation of the Schatz company in Triberg. A few years later the company expanded its product range to include regulators and alarm clocks. After the Second World War, the watchmaker entered the development and production of ship clocks with 8-day glass striking movements in 1958. This resulted in a whole series of nautical instruments. Matching the ship clocks, Schatz also offered barometers and liquid thermometers for shipping in the same case.

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In 1980 Schatz brought out the first quartz glass striking mechanism with mechanical chime. One year later August Schatz & Söhne celebrated their 100th birthday, but had to file for bankruptcy in 1986. The production of ship clocks was taken over by Kundo in St. Georgen. The Wempe company also came on board and began selling the "Schatz 1881" ship clock on international markets in 1988. The following years were eventful, until the Danish manufacturer Delite finally took over the production and distribution of ship clocks in 2012. In the meantime, the Danish specialists have made some quality improvements to the original basic ship's clock "Schatz 1881" and now offer various high-quality ship's clocks under the brand Delite Maritime.

Delite Maritime - At home on land and on water

The Danish brand's ship clocks are of high quality and still meet the highest maritime standards. The precise quartz movements have an accuracy of +/- 6 minutes per year and rest in a 0.6 millimeter thick highly polished and tarnish-proof brass case. Watches in stainless steel cases are also available. The dials in various designs are protected by a robust PMMA acrylic glass. So nothing stands in the way of a use on your sailing or motor yacht.

But also "landlubbers" enjoy the classic design of ship clocks and nautical instruments. More and more often, therefore, watch lovers use them to bring a maritime flair into their living room or study.

Large selection of Delite Maritime ship clocks

At you can order the Delite ship clocks in different designs. The Altitude series is available in diameters from 71 to 225 millimeters and in many different dial designs. The VION series is available in an identical case as a ship's clock, barometer, hygrometer or thermometer. It has a diameter of 150 millimetres and is made of high-quality 0.5 millimetre thick 10/18 stainless steel. Delite assembles its ship's clocks in Denmark using parts supplied from Germany and France. The high-quality quartz movement is made in Germany.