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A smartwatch is to some extent a wearable computer system for your arm. The meter on your wrist shows the analysis of the measurement data. These take place über the smartphone AP to be installed and is suitable für Anddoid 4.4 and höher Bluetooth 4.0 and höher IOS 9.0 and higher and via the APP WearHealth.

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Smartwatches motivate to exercise more.

Smartwatches keep track of your activities - every step you take throughout the day. They motivate you to move more and display your vital signs. Step counters, heart rate blood pressure and sports mode are now standard on smartwatches.

Messages and calls on your smartwatch.

Smartwatches, wearables, fitness trackers of today synchronize your watch with message channels and contacts of your cell phone, for example Facebook or WhatsApp. To do this, the service provider's permissions are granted in the APP under device settings / additional device settings. The receipt of a new message is done by lighting up the display and short vibration. Each smartwatch from Atlanta by Paragon has its own functions that have valuable additional functions through compass, calculator, photo shutter or flashlight.