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Alarm clocks with loud alarm signal are designed with a chime. You can find them in this alarm clock category of Atlanta. Both the quartz alarm clocks and the mechanical double bell alarm clocks have a hörbares tickgeräusch. Here you decide which individual bell alarm clock it may be. Mechanical alarm clocks with real räders and drives, spring and balance, without battery, are still current. These alarm clocks need to be wound up every day and are not as precise as battery-powered quartz alarm clocks. Whether with battery or with tension spring as energy storage, both variants are very loud in alarm tone since a Klöppel on the bell or double bell schlägt.

Twin bell alarm clock mechanism Atlanta 1060-19
Double bell alarm clock with mechanical clockwork with loud wake-up tone on double bell well readable perfect contrast.
29,90 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Double Bell Alarm Clock mechanical Atlanta 1060-9
Alarm clock mechanical as double bell alarm clock in brass color with traditional wheel clockwork and loud alarm sound on double bell, seh well readable over the white dial gives a perfect contrast.
29,90 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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Precise Quartz Alarm Clock Technology

No matter whether you prefer a drum roll, a gentle melody or delicate tick impulses to wake up wünschen, at Grossuhren.de you are spoiled for choice and can decide for yourself which device may get you out of sleep. All quartz alarm clocks are made of high quality, guarantee a safe stand and are easy to use. The time is clearly visible in all alarm clocks.Let yourself be inspired by the extensive selection and überzeugen simply yourself. Your claim to the time...Grosssuhren.de.