SEIKO alarm clock with silent clock drives without ticking and continuous lighting at night

SEIKO quartz alarm clock with very quiet analog movements

SEIKO quartz alarm clock with beep ring alarm or birdcalls and more in proven SEIKO quality suitable for your living style. SEIKO quartz alarm clocks with quiet clock movements without ticking but with and continuous illumination at night and dragging second hand ensure a pleasant and peaceful sleep.

Alarm Clock SEIKO QHP004
SEIKO Alarm clock without tick hardly audible with 18 melody variations with volume regulator in massive white plastic case.
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Seiko top quality alarm clocks


Seiko is known for many innovations in eyeglasses, instruments such as printers, and watches. The company can be called a manufactory because they completely renounce suppliers and produce all components themselves. Raw materials, operating and auxiliary materials are processed to 100%. This type of watch production is unique in the world. Seiko is solely owned by the Hattori family.