skeleton pocket watches of Regent, are treasures of traditional watchmaking

Filigree skelettierte pocket chronometres of the superlatives

The skelettierten watches for the vest pocket of regent with her fragile inside structures of the disk drives are a jewel for her bearers. Volée Paris hit famous fashion designers from that they have discovered again, these smart valuables from the Bijouterie of the watch manufacture regent. The clockwork of the gilt or in sterling silver made case is visible from both sides. A narrow, white figure wreath with Roman or Arabian figures encloses the shop-window of the watch mechanics. There are them also partially skelettiert, with two subtending rhombs which release the look at the exact mechanics. Look the masterpieces of the watchmaker's art and fall in love with one of these pieces of art with

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Pocket watches with double hinges are of the highest precision paired with simple beauty. The sight glass of the spring lid watch allows a view of the noble applications of the holding element and the watch mechanism. The matt finish of the double spring lid gives the watch a noblesse of the upper class. The diamond-cut crown lies on twelve watches under the oval chain ring. The watch is battery-free and must be wound manually. Let yourself be carried away into the world of small watches and get excited about a model of your taste. gives you the agony of choice. Immerse yourself in the world of watches and find your personal model from the extensive range of