Partner watches from Jacob Jensen: Timeless Nordic quartz watches in four sizes

The Timeless Nordic series by Jacob Jensen offers you a basic design that is mainly varied in the diameter of the round watch case and subordinate functions and details. That is why they are well suited for putting together a partner look of two watch models that are recognizable as a team. All versions are quartz watches with battery operation. The common denominator for all Nordic design watches is a titanium case, a round dial and the absence of numerals. Four sub-series are mainly defined by case diameter: from 40 mm to 37, 32 and 28 mm. All Timeless Nordic case sizes allow one more choice: between three different dial colors. You can make midnight blue, black or white your favorite among the 40 and 32mm models. For the 37 and 28 mm models that would be grey, white or silver.

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Pair number 1: 40 and 32 mm Timeless Nordic

The 40 mm version uses undivided hour markers without any further subdivisions and displays the day and date at the three o'clock position. In general, the two sub-series Nordic 40 and 32 mm are very similar, only the weekday and date windows are missing on the 32 mm watches. The microfiber band is also common to both. On the black dial version, all three hands have colored ends, on the other two only the wafer-thin second hand with colored markings moves in turn. All Jacob Jensen Nordic titanium watches are suitable for use in water, as the case and sapphire glass can withstand a pressure of 5 bar, equivalent to a water depth of 50 meters. But you shouldn't try to exhaust that. Suffice it to say that taking a shower or swimming in it doesn't take revenge.

Pair number 2: 37 and 28 mm Timeless Nordic

Jacob Jensen Nordic wristwatches with a diameter of 37 mm look a little different: the hour markings are now narrower and longer, and individual minute lines have been added in the gaps, trimmed comparatively short. Another thing that is different, and this also applies to the 28 mm version, is a metal bar as a transition from the case to both fastenings of the bracelet. The bracelet itself is now made of silicone instead of microfiber on the 37 and 28 mm Nordic models. The Jakob Jensen Nordic 37 mm shows the month date at three o'clock in its small window. As mentioned at the beginning, it is available with a medium grey, white or silver-colored dial. The manufacturer uses different colored hour, minute and second hands to better stand out against the respective background.

Colors and accents

The choice of white, medium gray and silver can also be found on the smallest Nordic, the 28mm case diameter, suggesting that it is intended as a partner watch to the 37mm, like the 32 is paired to the 40mm. The design details are identical to those of the 37mm Nordic, but again the date window is missing on the couple's look women's watch. Depending on the size (and date drive), Japanese quartz movements made by Miyota are used in Nordic titanium watches, from GL32 (in the ladies' watches) to 1S13 or 1S02 (37 or 40 mm version). All Nordic design watches use colored loops at the end of the clasp as accents on their bracelets; You will see some in red, green or a lighter or darker shade of blue, while regardless of the material - microfiber or silicone - black remains the basic color for the bracelet.