Pendulum clocks in modern metal wood glass design

Pendulum clocks design Atlanta

Timeless design in noble metal and wood

Pendulum clocks in modern metal wood glass design can be discovered in our affordable wall clocks with pendulum. Varied shapes from round to square fit seamlessly into every style of living. Whether modern or classic, we have the right pendulum clock. The interplay of metal and the natural product wood, in combination with glass covers and aluminium frames, underline the high-quality character of the clocks. The large dials with Arabic or Roman numerals and minute scale are easy to read even from a distance. Some of our models have an additional second hand.

Wall Clock pendulum RHYTHM 7748
This elegant pendulum clock with slow-motion pendulum made in a metal-glass combination in square shape and appliqué gives your living room a personal touch.
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Atlanta pendulum clocks - your claim to the time

Our pendulum clocks of the traditional enterprise of Atlanta unite timeless design with the most modern technology. As an inventor of the pendulum clock is valid no lower one than Galileo Galilei. Since him the technology was improved constantly. A particular importance comes up to the pendulum of the clock, because it determines the exactness of the clock with mechanical pendulum clocks. The pendulums of Atlanta resonate for optical reasons and do not serve as a time divisor, however, are stored exactly and the pendulum pole guaranteed a steady tact transference. The pendulum clock is pursued electronically, besides, the electrical system releases the pendulum contact. An electrically pursued wall clock counts to the most exact time knives. The divergence amounts only few seconds per year. Exact goes it only with a radio control. Of course we also lead models with a radio-steered clockwork.

An easy wall assembly including accessories

You can fasten our wall clock with few handles yourselves. For it you must call no craftsman. Of course you receive the batteries and a detailed instructions. Therefore her new pendulum clock is fit immediately and improves in appearance elegant of your living space.