Atlanta Children clock no ticking

Atlanta children-clcock
Child alarm clock of Atlanta in coloured poppigen colours and amusing topical motives for boys and girls reasonably and well.

child alarm clock: Choose a child alarm clock in your colour

The child alarm clocks of Atlanta are available for you in this category in the colours Blue, White, Red, pink, and to many other more. Select to you simply completely after your predilections a suitable child alarm clock. Of course all alarm clocks offer a high material and processing quality and Atlanta child alarm clock thereby wakes up you on time to the opposed awakening time.

Technology appropriate for children varying colours and wake-up melodies

As a specific feature have the child alarm clocks of Atlanta a costly wake-up technology. The person reacts to specific light charms and sound charms lively and positively. Varying Illumination and different Klangerlerbnisse help to one successfully start in the day. A great effect is the varying lighting colour while sounding the different wake-up melody. In addition the repetition, is so the wake-up repetition which rings in all five minutes once more a soft round.

The newest watch technology: No tick without second impulse

No tiresome kink noises, without irritating kink kink second impulse. Atlanta child alarm clock are equipped with the newest big watch technology. With a running through, or also creeping second, the alarm clock is very quiet and noiseless and provides for pleasant night's rest. You find the exact information with the respective product.

Goes to bed calmly, you are woken up reliably with the child alarm clocks by Atlanta!

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