Comtoise Pendulum Clocks very modern by Vuillemin

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Comtoise pendulum clock moulder with character

more and more people develop an understanding for environment protection and lasting living. They discover with the arrangement of her domicile, the old person the character of her life style can underline. Do you also belong to the people who combine old and new pieces of furniture consciously with each other? Then your instinct is asked, because not every style direction adapts itself in the general view. The manufacture Vuillemin has reacted to it. The form of the Comtoise pendulum clock has changed since her beginnings only a little. Has modified itself the appearance. Moulder and timeless the chronometres from the manufacture Vuillemin are the symbiosis from tradition and new appearance. Decide on a Comtoise pendulum clock and order on-line from Groß

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Comtoise pendulum clocks in perfect elegance

Already with the choice of a suitable clock it becomes difficult. Old people, used watches have the disadvantage that they do not indicate the time any more or only inexactly. However, they decorating merely the space, are without function. For some people this may be good. Others ask for a clock which proves her uniqueness. Groß introduces to you here a pendulum clock from the manufacture Vuillemin which not only improves in appearance of the space by her extravagance, but also fulfils her main function.

as the watch farmer from the Southern French province of Franche-Comté started in the 18th century developing chronometre for each, they did not anticipate the legendary name recognition yet which they should attain. The watchmakers built respectable watches which even the easy rural population could afford. The masters accommodated the exactly made disk drive in a simple metal frame. The invention of the pendulum brought an innovation in the watch construction which also the law masters recognised. Train weights provided for the necessary energy. The blow of the brightly sounding bell indicated the full hours and was to be heard in the whole farm. This typical tone was also the reason, why this robust design spread with the farmers fast.

The call of the Comtoise watches spread from the law all over France. Well-to-do businessmen and even the aristocracy in Paris became attentive on the pendulum clocks. The simple metal frame received splendid ornaments which corresponded to the spirit of the times at that time. Filigree solar signs from brass or artistic dials from enamel decorated the masterpieces according to epoch. Technical innovations took up the watchmakers and inserted them in the construction draught. Till this day has changed in the design of the pendulum clocks, nevertheless, a little.

pendulum clock with symbolic character

The creators of the manufacture Vuillemin maintain the tradition of the Comtoise watches. The principle has remained, however, the design moulder. Mediate, clearly Arabian figures to be read are right on a Perspex disc. Thereby you can observe the movement of the way work. Alike, like the ornamental art from the 19th century, the spraying of the metal scaffolding and the weights hides a deeper sense. The colour shows Burgundy bustle, passion and the internal strength. She symbolises the spirit of the times of the today's society. With it she looks spirited, however, does not suggest itself. Intuitively harmonises dark Red with the complementary colours without stepping with them in competition. The Vuillemin designers still took step more. The special Farbnuancierung is discreet Cairo-burgundy. She does not interoperate with similar red tones.

The tradition obliges.

Vuillemin was also aware in the symbolism about that with which these watches are always decorated. Of Cairo is a concept from the Greek mythology. He stands for the right time which allows to seize the decision. Beside Hermes, the god's messenger and Tyche, the goddess of the chance and the chance, the antique revered the God of Cairo. They wanted to miss no "favorable opportunity". Wrong moments should not affect unfavorably.

With it the circle shuts. With the creation of your modern furnished flat adapts itself of these time knives extravagant and, nevertheless, cautiously to the surroundings. The unusual form of the pendulum clock and the carefully elective colour spraying harmonise in every modern furnished room. Decide now on a Comtoise pendulum clock of Vuillemin and order them on-line from Groß