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Wempe glass clocks

Wempe glass watches are real mechansich ship watches and were originally used as half-hour sand glass. With the special striking of the ship bell they laid the rhythm for the change of guards on the deck. There is a past half an hour for a glass. The guard was changed every 4 hours - so all 8 glasses. As early as 1492, Columbus was entrusted with the exploration of the sandglanders for both navigation and wake-up. The striking bell strike of maritime time measurement still tells of a time when life on deck was not yet under high technology. There has not been a change in the four-hour-on-the-clock wards.

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How do glass clocks work?

The glass clock once every 30 minutes. At the hour, there is a double stroke for every hour. The glass impact is then as follows: There is a double stroke at every full hour and a single stroke half an hour. For example, there are three double locks at around 3:00. At 3:30 pm, however, there are three double locks and one single strike. This makes it easier to read the time from the keys.

Wempe glass clocks - a great selection awaits you

Wempe glass clocks are made of high quality brass and are available in gold or silver. The dial is white; And depending on the interpretation, it may be for Arabic or Arabic numerals. In each embodiment, there are various models which differ slightly in size and in appearance. The Wempe glass clocks are a replica of the same models as they are used in seafaring. The watches can even be used on your own boat or your own yacht, if desired.

Glass watch - a maritime wall clock

If you decide to buy a Wempe glass watch, then you have the certainty that you will get a product that captivates with its high quality. The manufacturer has a long experience and tradition with glass clocks and is known throughout the German shipping industry as well as abroad. On you now have the opportunity to order the popular glass watches from Wempe conveniently and directly online. The specialist offers you an extensive and versatile range of glass clocks from Wempe, with mechanically operated clockwork. Delivery will take place within a few days directly to you to the house. Long search and expensive prices when buying your big one will be a thing of the past. Order now and look forward to your glass watch from the traditional company.

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