Warranty Extension

For all maritime ship clock's of the Hermle brand,
all clocks of the brands KIENINGER, Mühle-Nautische Instrumente, Schatz and WEMPE,
as well as watches that cost more than 1.000 euros, we extend the warranty to 5 years!.

This means security when you buy a watch from Grossuhren.de. All defects, which are justified in the clockwork, are repaired free of charge. This is a service we offer for free to our customers at Grossuhren.de.

Extent and exclusion of this warranty extension:
Grossuhren.de takes care of all defects and material damage of the clockwork, of the mechanics including the chiming mechanism of all watch brands that Grossuhren.de offers.
Excluded from this warranty are damages to the housing and the clockwork caused by lack of care, improper handling such as damages to the watch caused by falls or normal wear and tear. Excluded from this warranty as well are battery replacement, damage to glass, crown, handle and housing, worn or broken bracelets and water tightness.
Place of fulfillment is Herford, that is the watch has to be delivered free of charge and will be sent free of charge up to 10 Euros free of charge, additional shipping costs will be charged for.

Deadline is the date on the invoice from 1.1.2017