Regulators with cable drives works and Westminster chimes

AMS cable regulator

Rope train Regulators expensive of AMS - Nobly and the full-coming harmony

The modern Regulators up motion by rope train will be for you more than only one time indicator. Provide ornamentally with a pendulum, as well as in the design of your choice your pendulum clock creates an atmosphere of the well-being and a harmony with the residential style preferential by you. High-quality and exact technology, as well as the use of exclusively lasting materials and a manufacturing in the art of the traditional watchmaker's craft distinguish every wall clock in the assortment. With our pendulum clock as a Regulators motion to offers the time will hit for you in quite a new rhythm.

Wall clock with pendulum AMS 2672-1 walnut
Wall clock with pendulum AMS Regulator the design in timeless aesthetics with walnut wood - Elegant clocks tradition in rope pull mechanics
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Regulator skelettiert Slate Alu AMS 695
Modern wall clock with pendulum of AMS, the clock manufacture of high watchmaker's art here as a take-up motion for an individual residential world on-line here in the web shop!
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Pendulum clock mechanics AMS 2724 wood
Modern mechanical pendulum clock with 8 days of rope train work with Sonoma surface and natural stone to elements the front of curved mineral glass.
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AMS presents clock design with claim to the modern time

The take-up motion turns out precision pendulum clock as a clock model which allows to avoid any disturbance of the functionality and serves a high-quality clockwork. Wall clock with pendulum in the box in technical language Regulators are called, are more than only one time knife which looks back at a long-standing tradition and reminds charmingly of the past times. In the modern and individual design function the Regulators expensive very exactly and temperature counteractedly, as well as with an integrated weight impulse. Discover the specific features of this special pendulum clock kind as a Regulators and choose between stick pendulums, grid pendulums or Lyrapendel which is not only lasting and but also especially exclusive from high-quality materials, and noble.

The AMS Regulators expensive present energy supply by weights

The design of a pendulum clock is, look at the cases, rather simply. Exactly in it, as well as in the composition from simple besides very elegant design with a highly competitive and exactly working clockwork, format the charm lies with a wall clock in the Regulators motion. The precision in the functionality is guaranteed by the costly rope train lift, as well as the weight of the side role and the firm connection of the take-up motion with the wall. In the optics of the surface you can choose noble wall clock models from walnut-tree, cherry, oak or mahogany, or decide yourselves for an implementation without wooden optics. Also they can decide on the typical take-up motion blow on a sound feather, the blow on bell or on the rung in Westminster melody and focus your pendulum clock with the preferential sound.