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The watches of the brand Regent unite modern and classical qualities. They are equipped either with an exact clockwork from quartz or become a radio-steered DCF77 on the frequency. In combination with the topical materials to which high-grade steel, plain as well as two-tone ceramics count including gilding or titan provide for stylistically confident moments in every situation.

High-quality of the wristwatches

The watches of regent are known for the fact that they receive DCF77 in Mainflingen near Frankfurt the most exact time signal of Germany about the long-wave radio station. The information about the topical time is generated in Brunswick by the PTB (Physically technical government institution). The numerous atomic clocks which are synchronised with each other are used to the determination of times and allow a way exactness from up to one second for a period of several million years seen. Besides, the time signal within a radius of 1,500 kilometres is receiveable round Frankfurt. If the wristwatches are carried beyond the area or it comes to the interference, the function of a quartz clock comes into force. Decide on a high-quality wristwatch of regent and buy the desired model on-line with

Qualities of the wristwatches of regent

The elegant radio clock there is for ladies as well as for men. They fascinate with numerous, filigree details to which on account of the used materials also the really good skin friendliness counts. Gilt lunettes, pointers with luminous mass, mineral glass or gilt lunettes are only some examples to make clear to you as high grade and nobly these watches are. In general the manufacturer grants a guarantee of two years on the clockwork. Further details are minute wreaths or the digital data announcement. The dials are eligible in different colours, to which, for example, the colours Blue or Silver-grey belong. Besides, every tone is adapted to the material and the colour of the wristwatches, so that a perfect harmony within the clock originate. Security folding closing provide for the fact that the watches remain where they belong, namely in the wrist. Enjoy the advantages of these special watches and buy a model with