Travel alarm clock with case factory very flat

travel alarm clocks

Stable display to protect the case alarm clock.

The case of the travel alarm clock not only ensures easier transport, but also protects the case alarm clock from the stresses that occur during travel. The sturdy case serves not only to protect the mechanics, but also provides the perfect set-up option for your case alarm clock.

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Practical travel alarm clock for on the go

Travel alarm clocks still enjoy great popularity. High-quality travel alarm clocks in a sturdy case offer the highest possible safety on your trip and are always reliable due to the high quality of workmanship. Enjoy the advantages of such travel alarm clocks that provide a reliable time display even on the road. So you do not have to rely only on your smartphone or a possibly existing wall clock, but have your reliable alarm clock always with you.

  • High quality Atlanta clock movement.
  • Battery operated analog or digital.
  • Loud and pleasant alarm tone.
  • Safe transport thanks to sturdy case
  • Clear dial and large Arabic numerals
  • Easy to store thanks to compact dimensions

Travel Alarm Clock - Analog or Digital Time Display

We offer our travel alarm clocks in two different versions. On the one hand, the travel alarm clocks with anlaoger, so with hands and 12 hour dial, or in digital version for the minute setting of time and alarm time can be purchased. Our practical travel alarm clocks are also available as radio-controlled clocks, so that there is no need to change to summer and winter time and the time is always accurate to the second. All versions have ügen thereby über a loud and pleasant alarm tone and ensure a pünktliche and easy to set alarm.

Clear dial with Arabic numerals.

Our travel alarm clock with case features a clear luminous dial or display with large Arabic numerals, so you can easily read the time even in low light. Do not hesitate and enjoy the benefits that such a travel alarm clock can offer on the road or at home. The timeless design and high functionality speak for themselves.