Mayr clocks and regulators is fine watchmaking from the Black Forest

mayr pendulum wall clock

Mayr clocks and Regulateure motions the finest watchmaker's art from the Black Forest

Mayr clocks already take pleasure for over 30 years of big popularity. This lies not least in the flawless quality of the products reasonably. On grounds of the high-quality design and the natural materials the watches with pendulum are long-lasting very long. By the combination of exact mechanics works with the finest details the time knives are enough for the highest demands.

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By which distinguish themselves the articles of Mayr watches?

that brand has specialised in the production of qualitatively high-quality wall watches with pendulum. Their robust, but, nevertheless, pefekt made case exists mainly of massive wood what you can order from this different implementation and from colour shadings - with the production above all types of tree are used like cherry, nut, oak and mahogany. Besides, artistic decorations lend to most time knives an individual mark. In this context is to be mentioned that you can acquire not only a pendulum clock of wood. Are also to be had the products whose case exists of materials like glass and metal. This makes sure that the wall clock also fits in modern furnished households. Every pendulum clocks dispose of 8-days of rope train work with a 1/2 hourly blow on the sound feather. When required you can put down this of course.

Therefore the purchase of the Mayr is worthwhile watches

With the described products it concerns the premium-time knives which are produced with love to the detail. With her unique appearance the Mayr watches revalue every space. Besides, by her discreet and at the same time noble design these fit in every household. The high-quality time knives are available in addition in the most different implementation. With the masses as well as with the external appearance there are several tasteful variations. From baroque Blümchenmustern, up to discreet colourings with simple design everything is present. Besides, on grounds of the timeless aesthetics the pendulum clock is also topical after several decades. Finally is still to be marked that the Mayr are extremely exact watches by Graham Hemmung. By the exact equipment of gearwheels and weights the time knives are still reliable even after long-standing use - responsibly for this is the take-up motion of these products which disposes of a luxuriously made rope train work which was produced in small-batch manufacturing.

Of course you receive every clock with pendulum in original packaging. If you have interest in the high-class products of Mayr watches, you can look around with pleasure on With a big possible combination in case forms, the application of metal and polished glass great watches present themselves Mayr as a real value arrangement and aesthetic eye-catcher. Simply look even by the big variety in great watches and small watches with and profit from attractive conditions with every on-line order!