Regulateure with weights on a pulley and pendulum

They are enthusiastic about Hermle Regulators with weights? In this category we have put together to you the elegant Regula-expensive of the known watch manufacture.

Decorating you with a wall clock your home

The wall clocks of Hermle spray classical charm and become the highlight in your equipment. With her typical kink Tack noise lend the Regulators to the space atmosphere and provide for a homy ambience. Completely without batteries and stream the Hermle Regulators with weights function only by weekly raising and indicate you reliably the time.

Individual Design: Hermle Regulators with weights

A clear use of forms and classical elements make the Hermle Regulators with weights residential accessories in the elegant style. The wall clocks are offered in different designs and are equipped with a Westminster-blow work.

Clocks of Hermle - incredibly and timeless nicely

The wall clocks from the house Hermle distinguish themselves by her excellent material quality and finely worked details. The pleasant sound experience and attractive optics stand also for the brand Hermle like polished technology. They receive on all Hermle Regulators with weights here in our on-line shop a guarantee achievement from two years on the clockwork.

Can be inspired you from the clocks designs!

If you look for a decorative wall clock, you are exactly right in this category. We offer Regulators with weights in different implementation to you here Hermle. Click on the high-quality designs and get to know more about the technical refinements of the special wall clocks from Hermle.

Discover you now the Hermle Regulators with weights here in your big watch shop!

Hermle 70707-Q10351 walnut
Regulators Walnut antique Hermle 70707-Q10351 with mechanical Westminster clockwork in the high grade processed pearl wreath massive wood case with sides glazing, a Qualitäts product of the great clock manufacture Hermle.
Our standard price 1.749,75 EUR
Your price 1.266,25 EUR
incl. 16% tax excl. Shipping costs
Hermle 70700-Q10351 walnut
Hermle 70700-Q10351 take-up motion in walnut-tree antique with pendulum clockwork in a massif fell trees case very high grade in bubbling wreath the front processes glass and the sides glazing is facettiert, a take-up motion of the great watches manufacture Hermle.
Our standard price 1.652,27 EUR
Your price 1.487,04 EUR
incl. 16% tax excl. Shipping costs
Hermle 70617-030058 walnut
Regulateur Hermle 70617-030058 french walnut noble massif fell trees case with inlaid inlaid works, front glass facettiert, side glasses, drawer, mechanical 8 days of rope train work with Half stood hit on tone feather
Our standard price 1.554,79 EUR
Your price 1.195,00 EUR
incl. 16% tax excl. Shipping costs
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