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The different motives of the girls child wristwatches of scout

The great watches for girl dispose of different motives. They are equipped, for example, with a sweet heart on the dial which fits very well to the red textile tape. Also nice child watches with horse motive for the order whose metal case is improved freely of nickel are ready. The details of this clock of 5 minutes of lunette are rounded. Another model from this category is equipped with the petite motive Flowers and owns an engraved lunette as well as a coloured minute scale and a central second pointer. This clock with a pencil fastening of aluminium is closed. Another model appears in Lucky Horse Dessin which fits perfectly to the school bag with the same motive.
Girls children wristwatch dolphin of scout with fishing, stars and they, underwater world symbolise the dream once with a dolphin to swim, in topical trendy colours.
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Great child wristwatches from the series action Girls of scout

The girls childrens wristwatches of the series action Girls of scout are of high-quality quality. For example, 3 pointers Quartz clockwork, a stable metal case with high-grade steel ground as well as mineral glass with crowns of flanks protection belong to the details. In addition, the girls are watertight watches of the series action Girls with up to 5 cash immediately up to 50 metres. The kind of the manufacturing is responsible for the fact that these pretty girl's watches are robust really. Besides, big, coloured figures and pointers belong to the equipment of the clock. In this manner the time can be learnt perfectly and uncomplicated and read. However, this is not yet everything, because the dial of these high-quality child watches is white, so that the Arabian figures are clearly visible for every hour. The silvery figure circle is as a lunette on the clock and is minute-exactly divided. The textile tape of the watches is especially soft and is washable up to 30 degrees in the overdrive.