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Tidlos, Pure, Globe, and Frihed

Among these 4 basic collection, you will surely find your cool dream watch

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Under this präambel, there are 4 watch categories in the Danish Design watches in the typical Scandinavian design. Puristic, minimalist, so limited to the essentials, distinguish the wristwatches collection of Danish Design.


These ladies watches are free-spirited and show it: there is no reason to be conservative. Enriching life with good-humored details is the name of the game. This is demonstrated by the wristwatches from Broen, Cento, Hazy, Måne, One The Dot II, Pico and Squeezy.


Not a second, not a minute, not an hour is wasted if you spend it with the people you love. Showing love means showing it with a certain humility and this is clearly shown in the Danube, Nile, Yokon, Elbe, Or Stripe, Rhine, Rhône watch series.


No matter how significant or insignificant each day is, it always has a meaning. Independence and self-knowledge are the keys to figuring that out. This is shown unblinkingly by the wristwatches from the series: Amelia, Barbara, Chloe, Georgia, Jackie, Judi, Roslyn, Lilya, Tiara.


We dream about the future and that is what keeps us going. Turning it into reality is what completes us as human beings and keeps driving us. The watches of Akitia, Bogø, Långeland, Miami and Tåge express that üvia their watch design.