Mechanical alarm clock to wind as it was 50 years

Mechanical alarm clock

Alarm clock without electric smog - mechanical clockworks to the Aufziehnen

There are them still, mechanical alarm clocks they must be drawn up daily. No battery change, no stream, no radio completely mechanically with feathers, wheels and balance spring these clockworks function since eingen to hundred years.

Twin bell alarm clock mechanism Atlanta 1060-19
Double bell alarm clock with mechanical clockwork with loud wake-up tone on double bell well readable perfect contrast.
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Double Bell Alarm Clock mechanical Atlanta 1060-9
Alarm clock mechanical as double bell alarm clock in brass color with traditional wheel clockwork and loud alarm sound on double bell, seh well readable over the white dial gives a perfect contrast.
Our standard price 39,90 EUR
Your price 34,44 EUR
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Mechanical alarm clock Tick Tack JC8001S silver
The mechanical wind-up alarm clock is a sustainable must-have. With its metal housing in silver color and its loud alarm, it reliably ensures that you wake up on time. No batteries or electricity required. An eco-friendly and stylish alarm clock for a sustainable lifestyle.
39,95 EUR
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Functionality: Simply and reliably

Daily mechanical alarm clocks must be drawn up by means of the lift mechanism in the back by hand. A key is for the movement and one for the alarm clock work. Is curious the Zugfefder so the way reserve reaches for about 30 hours. About some wheels the tension spring strength is escorted to the balance spring ud provides for an audible kink Tack noise

Technical watchmakers to delicacies simply explains

Inexpensive mechanical alarm clocks are simply built. The inhibition is mostly a pencil anchor - inhibition and was developed in 1798 by Louis Perron. Instead of the usually costly stone palettes only steel pencils about the anchor wheel are used here. The balance spring does not have the plug camps in a costly plug / camp connection separate in easy punch screws storage. Holhltriebe and brass camp are quick producing and provide about many years her service.

Alarm clock work loudly, mostly on bell or back wall

As a resonator for the sound waves the back wall is often used. With the bells or double bell alarm clock the hammer hits against the bells and provides for a loud alarm tone. About the Obenabsteller or a racketeer the wake-up tone is switched off and must be activated to the alert again.

Advantages - disadvantages of a mechanical alarm clock!

mechanical alarm clocks are independent stream and battery and generate or distribute no electric smog. They wake up reliably, however, do not have the exactness of battery-operated quartz alarm clocks. Also is the tick is audible, there are not silent or noiseless mechanical alarm clocks any more. I must already be a friend of mechanics around in the today's time the loud tick and moderate Gangabweichunen and the everyday gather to tolerien.

Mechanical alarm clocks mmer still topically

The offer is easy to grasp in still satisfactory qualities for the fair price. Atlanta range of products does not offer a well-balanced collection and we in quite lower prize situation for high-class reasons offer. In the colours Red, white, black and silver, in the classical form or as a bell alarm clock and also in the column of travelling alarm clocks you find certainly the suitable mechanical alarm clock. Go calm you sleep are woken up reliably by the mechanical alarm clocks of Atlanta.