Watch winders that are located in watchmaker's workshops

elma watch winder

Watch Winder Elma: To Preserve the Precious

Preserve the value of your watches with the reliable watch winder Elma.

Watch winder Elma Cyclomat - for 12 watches
A watch winder Cyclomat for automatic watches from the master watchmaker recommended practical, comfortable and functional for up to 12 watches simultaneously from Elma.
1.499,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Watch Winder Elma Cyclomotion
The Cyclomotion watch winder from Elma is an indispensable technical tool for watchmakers, industry and service workshops.
2.222,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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Automatic watches need movement

Some people believe that watch winders make sense only for collectors. But these people are wrong, because such a reliable model as the watch winder Elma is a win for every owner of an automatic watch. After all, an automatic watch has to be worn all the time. But who can do that? Everybody puts down his watch or just wants to wear another watch and the mechanical movers come into play. They ensure that the watches continue to run precisely and are always accurately wound up. So they remain ready for use any time they remain on the automatic mover. There are many reasons that speak for these mechanical watchmakers. Of course, preserving the value of a watch is always in the foreground and every watch enthusiast knows that the expensive precision drives need proper care and maintenance to maintain their high value permanently.

The function of an Elma Watch Winder

The modern watchmaker models can do much more than their ancestors and prove in use as subtle and quiet. Moreover, they do not run all the time and move the clocks, but they are controlled by a timer, which mimic quite accurately the movements of a normal arm and thus ensure that the automatic clock remains in its excellent care condition. Unfortunately, with a valuable automatic watch, the lubricants in the drives at a standstill can lead to sticking or even rust, under which the precision as well as the value would suffer greatly. That's why you should always store your valuable pieces on an Elma watch winder that tightens them properly. After all, every lover of automatic watches has ever seen what happens when such a clock needs to be wound up. Mostly the sensitive drive suffers underneath or an error in mounting can make an expensive repair necessary. Lovers of watches with moon-phase drives will especially appreciate the watch winder Elma, which is indispensable for maintaining the precision drive. Watch winders that are located in watchmaker's workshops

Protect your precious wristwatches

Not only collectors and watch enthusiasts are concerned about the value and function of their watches. You too can ensure that the value of a high-quality wristwatch is maintained over the long term with a watch winder Elma. A precise clock drive needs its care and maintenance, so that the accuracy is maintained over decades. This constant value retention is guaranteed only with a professional storage on a Elma watch winder. The modern models are so practical that they can be taken on trips. It is worthwhile connecting to the power grid for long-term use so that long-term storage is no problem. If you own more than one automatic watch, you should think about a watch winder Elma anyway. Finally, these mechanical mover facilitate proper storage and thus save expensive maintenance repairs that would constantly occur in a false or disadvantageous storage. The collectors or watch lovers fear the rust less than the deposits that come from impurities in a wrong storage. In the worst case, they lead to irregular wear, which is why precision suffers and costly repairs are inevitable.