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wall clocks with pendulum

Pendulum clocks with quartz works from the big watch manufacture Hermle - No compromises in high-level valency

Pendulum clocks from Hermle are equipped with quartz or radio-controlled movements. The wall clocks with pendulum are powered by battery operated clockworks of the quality manufacturer Hermle and are ready for uninterrupted operation for about one year with full battery. State-of-the-art technology saves you from having to change batteries frequently or wind them up like a cuckoo clock. The clock manufacturer Hermle has specially developed the quartz movements and equips them with different calibres. Such wall clocks testify to outstanding precision and a time indication accurate to the second. The minute scale on each of these clocks shows you the exact time. Depending on your preference, models are available with a mixed or Arabic dial. Each pendulum clock has a clearly recognizable clock face, which is clearly visible even from a distance. Such a wall clock in a room is therefore sufficient to read the time comfortably and reliably

Metal wall clock pendulum 70722-000871

Radio controlled wall clock as a clock by Hermle Brass modern timeless elegance. The wireless pendant work provides a reliable absolute, per second time display. The transition from summer to winter is fully automatic.

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Metal wall clock pendulum 70981-000871
Quartz or radio-controlled wall clock with pendulum from Hermle, chrome-colored, modern, timelessly elegant. The radio-controlled pendulum mechanism ensures an absolutely reliable time display that is accurate to the second.
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Symbiosis from functionality and elegant decoration

Every quartz-wall clock with pendulum lends to your equipment a special charm which demonstrates the rooms inviting and homely. Whether in the classical or modern style held - a quartz pendulum clock of Hermle integrates itself in ingenious manner into an existing atmosphere and a personal mark of strong character lends to the general view. The extrovert form of every wall clock provides for eye-cacher without looking meddlesome. Inspire yourselves by the variety in possible colour combinations and material combinations. Whether wood or aluminium, glass or plastic - the wall watches with quartz work of Hermle offer a wide spectrum of possibilities and meet all the wishes. Your home will enrich a pendulum clock of this kind and show a successful supplement of your equipment thanks to her high quality and the timeless design also in the long term.