Pendant watches on a long necklace

Appendix watches - cape watches

Like we them also call appendix watches or cape watches, these ladies' watches in a chain are still topical. For many women also alternativlos there with this kind of weight-bearing clock no skin contact originates. For sensitive skin types, or on metal allergically reactive ladies are these watches in a chain the right alternative. As a specific feature some models dispose of a jump lid. This can be engraved and is already decorated with decorations.

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Cape watches design - around, ovally, simply 

An extensive collection of these appendix watches we offer to you from the German watch brand Regent. In chromium-plates or gilds in ovally or around, with and without jump lid with Arabian or Roman figures with and without second pointer, the choice offers enough possibilities to find his dream clock. All watches are delivered with a stable chain in the length of 70 cm. This can be opened concentric or can be pulled with closed state comfortably over the head.

Reliable technology - Exact quartz clockworks

Exact time is natural with this regent cape watches with exact quartz to clockworks. With a small battery a way duration of about one year is protected. Several Servie stations offer a free from problems service, the battery change can be simply carried out. The manufacturer grants 2-year guarantee on the clockwork. Our choice in Zahlungsmöglicheiten shows the favorable variation with precash, are glad about your cape clock and order certainly with