Beautiful wall clocks as Regulators with cable weights and percussion works in fashion Pendeluhen experienced forms and types of wood combined with glass and metal

Kieninger rope train-take-up motions of the highest watchmaker's art

Who wishes a take-up motion in whose production the highest watchmaker's art is a condition, should have a look at the Kieninger rope train-take-up motions.

For the lovers of the highest watchmaker's art we have with now a little bit completely special on offer, namely rope train take-up motions with weights in loose role and blow work from the house Kieninger. These watches are still produced after old watchmaker's tradition and order everybody of the mechanical Kieninger rope train clockworks.

With the blow works you have a choice of different implementation. Look in addition in complete silence the single models which you can on-line buy in our house. It is always given there how the belonging to it blow work sounds.

According to model receive you with a rope train-take-up motion from Kieninger many extras like the announcement of phases of the moon, seconds, a calendar or different melodies. However, this individuality also leads to the fact that we must confirm the date of delivery only after your order to you, because your clock is often assembled only after the order specially for you quite personally.

Also optically have you with a Kieninger rope train-take-up motion in our house a big choice. Look the different models in our offer, therefore, first in complete silence, before you decide to buy one of it on-line with us. Materials like slate or rosewood, walnut-tree or cherry tree are used with the production. Every model looks in colour and from the creation different.


Regulator Kieninger 2512-96-05
Month runners Kieninger 2512-96-05 as a rope train take-up motion with the finest black polishing varnish surface, real email dial with real second announcement, all visible set parts are chromium-plated.
5.890,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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