Regulators with mechanical spring lift and percussion of the highest quality in fine cherrywood

Kieninger clockworks with spring tension with

The Kieninger clockworks are equipped with spring tension and blow work which show a high degree of processing quality and reliability. Through this they fulfil the highest claims. Only the best clockworks guarantee the combination of modern technology and high-quality materials in connection with an experience long nearly 100 years in the clockwork construction for you.

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Details to the clockworks of Kieninger

to the single details Regula-expensive, Comtoise or wall watches with pendulum, stick pendulum and Lyrapendel count. Also grid pendulums and the weight impulse belong to the equipment there. Watches in the category "Chain lift" and Watches in the category "Weight in rope foil" are available and the latter category is even nobler and more exclusive. Also costly lifts with a crank belong to the qualities. This is at the same time the explanation of the holes in the dial. The watches are driven mechanically with wheels, desires and dovetailing. The blow on the bell occurs with a typical take-up motion blow on the sound feather. There sounds the Westminster melody. The nice watches exist of wood, metal and glass and here oak, cherry tree, mahogany and walnut-tree are used. Also neutral models without wood are available with

Take-up motion walnut-tree Kieninger

The fine spring tension take-up motion in walnut-tree is equipped with a wonderful, Roman dial and second announcement. The classical model owns a Mehrschichtlackierung and Breguetzeiger. Also a grid pendulum belongs to the equipment there, while the J1236. Page clockwork for the exact time announcement is responsible. All together three melodies stand for the choice (Saint Michael, Westminster or Whittington) which can be selected in the Umschaltwerk. To the further details belong the blow on the stick gong and the anchor automatic. Besides, the automatic night disconnection is integrated between 22 and 7.15 o'clock. Shop this clock with