Wall clocks with pendulum without percussion with fine mechanical cable works fine in small wooden boxes, such as mahogany walnut cherrywood or black lacquer.


Regulateur without gong blow work

Mechanical pendulum clocks in perfect design from noble species of wood Nobly formed cases from walnut-tree, cherry tree, oak or mahogany distinguish these wall watches with pendulum. Stick pendulums and Lyrapendel evenly swing in time of the time. About the rope lift the exactly worked clockworks can be drawn up. All wall watches have only one polished metal weight. The impulse weight exist of brass or chromium-plated brass. The hand-milled, dyed blue Breguet-steel pointers mark the Roman hourly units on knows enamelled dial. Four facettierte crystal glasses permit an insight into the amusing mechanics of the classical wall clock. The Grahamanker with steel palettes are provided with 8 rubies and 6 Bouchons. Some of the models have worked inlaid works and root wood insert in the back wall. The model in the cherry tree case with the finest polishing varnish surface and silvered calendar dial with Rauten-Ätzdekor is an especially nice piece from the classical line of the pendulum clocks. Enchant yourselves by the beauty of these watches. Choose the clock for your housing tradition from the Kieninger watches collection with grossuhren.de.

Regulateur Limited edition

A special titbit from the watches collection of Kieninger This wall clock is a Limited edition of only 100 pieces to the occasion of the 100-year-old existence of the watch manufacture Kieninger. It is a masterpiece of the technology in the highest precision. Paired from modern design with classical mechanics it is a piece of jewellery in every space. The clockwork has by the fine adjustment an exactness from +/-5 seconds in the month. The way duration of the clock amounts one month. The precision rope train take-up motion and the precision-cirque voucher pendulum contribute her part to the high run exactness. The uniqueness of this wall clock is booked by the original Kieninger documents. Ask for the Limited edition and allow yourselves this collector's item. Grossuhren.de provides information about the precision technology of the clock to you with pleasure.

Kieninger Wiener Dachl 2800-96-03
Month runner Kieninger Viennese Dachl 2800-96-03 as a rope train take-up motion with the finest black polishing varnish surface, The innovative Kieninger Torsion Control module with snail dovetailing and 5 ball bearings provides for a steadily parallel weight expiry.
3.990,00 EUR
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