Comte Comtoise Genuine reproductions of Morbier antique mechanical clocks

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Exquisite Morbier Comtoise pendulum clock reproductions

If to you an elegant equipment lies with the heart, and you would like to provide for swing and more atmosphere in the living space, a reproduction of the French Comtoise is a pendulum clock the right choice for them: The French pendulum clock is descended from a design of the 17th century and comes from the province of Franche-Compté. Originally the wall clock had been sketched for easy households in which there was only one clock, however, she soon took pleasure also with higher put personalities of big popularity. Beside the pendulum the loud hourly blow is especially typical. Nowadays the elegant pendulum clock belongs to the most popular collective objects in the area of Watches. Lend to your living rooms a decoration style which reminds of the baroque time - to enchanting castles and magnificent facilities. The Regula-expensive are present not only a pure time announcement, but traditionally an Accessoire which revalues her sitting room design-technically.


Of French wall clocks atmosphere in your living space

There are the Comtoise wall clock with pendulum with in several different implementation and many-sided designs. It concerns with every singles an affectionately formed reproduction of the Morbier Comtoise watches. The figure sheet has a diameter of about 40 cm; the wall clock is relatively big with it and is wonderfully suited for an extensive sitting room where she is effective especially well. If you prefer a little smaller model, we recommend you the grazileren wall watches which only one diameters show by chance 18 cm. The choice is big: Only under the kinds of the pendulums there is several different implementation between which you can choose. From the stick pendulum about the round Lyrapendel up to the grid pendulum there is with many variations. The weight impulse functions according to the model of the pendulum clock differently. There is the chain lift with which the pendulum hangs on the chain or a mechanics on which the weight is carried in a rope role. The latter is especially exclusive and makes a noble impression.


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