Ship's Timepieces and Nautical Instruments

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Mühle Nautische instruments from Glashütte

In Glashütte have set up some clcoks factories and watch manufactures. Under it mill is also to be found a specialist for Nautische Intrumente. The design has taught that nautische instruments have special attraction by the maritime character. Thereby are conceived not only for the ship aboard but also for your quite personal private sphere.

Glasenuhr of Mühle Nautische Intrumente

For the Clocks lover of quite old traditional time measurement is the Glasenuhr a maritime specific feature. This clock the changing of the guard transmits even today like at that time in deck basically in 6 guards by 4 hours is divided. The awake change found and takes place as a rule still today at 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24 o'clock. With the Glockenschmlag of 8 Glasen the awake change occurred and the steersman on duty turned the hourglass, hence, dier name Glasenuhr, around the bell hit. All ship watches order of robust watches case from massively brass or high-grade steel with typical toggle to fasteners.

Naval chronometre and yacht clocks from Glashütte

The overriding exactness of the quartz clocks technology has also held with Marien Chronometern Einzug and therefore to the demands to German Institute for Standardization 8319 is far excelled in chronometres. The precision is reached by a selected, artificially aged, temperature-stabilised 4.19-MHz-swinging quartz. Mill Nautische instruments from glassworks stands for clearly well readable dials with those the quick Ablesbarkeit is in the foreground. The ship chronometres have clear dials free of reflexion with separate scale for the second pointer.

The highest ship clocks Präzison from Glashütte/Sachsen

Even with a battery change runs of the ship chronometres without way interruption another 5 minutes further ohen the time anew to correct. Mechanics and electronics are laid out on many years' continuous operation and are positioned friendly to servicing. Trimmers and measuring sockets in addition are under the capping with 7 o'clock. The material and the surface refining was chosen by the Salzwaserluft accordingly as well as the case was processed by dust, rogue's water and sturgeon radiation resistant. Of the mill ship chronometre from glassworks is suited because of his security, reliability, functional ability and an easy use also for the application in industry and research.

Ship Clock Mühle MS-51-05-180-CR
Maritime glass clock from mill Nautical instruments from glassworks MS-51-05-180-CR is powered by a mechanical movement. He gets his energy by mounting the tension spring every 8 days.
750,00 EUR
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