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Watches For Nurses

Buying you to itself, nevertheless, a nice sister's clock

With a sister's clock it concerns a clock which is not carried as a pocket watch in the wrist. Differently than pocket watches which mostly have a jump lid and are fastened with a chain about a carbine, so that the precious jewels do not get lost, dispose these watches, however, of a special device for being infectious with which they can be fastened to the clothes.

There are many situations with which it is advisable to carry no wristwatch. This is, for example the case when the occupation requires to work constantly with the hands and wrists in the water. In this case a wristwatch would have to be taken constantly and be put away somewhere. The danger that this will forget once is rather big and then the clock could take damage in the water. On the other hand, there is there the danger to forget the wristwatch after done work where it has been filed.

This cannot happen with a sister's clock, because sister's watches are firmly stuck on in the clothes and also remain there, all the same what you also make at the work. In this respect the sister's watches are as practical as pocket watches which have been fastened with a chain.

Looking you to itself, nevertheless, once our assortment in sister's watches in. Maybe you find in our offer exactly the sister's clock which you have in mind. We have remembered with the choice of the models offered by us of course that the tastes are present passed away and for every type something. Which you would like to buy from the fact that only you can decide of course completely alone or however, whether it should be, nevertheless, a nice pocket watch maybe in your case.

Nurses clock pulse monitor scale Regent 32P270
Dial fluresziered green clock with the nurse good night readability of chain elements with heart rate monitor and scale minute scale is accurate quartz battery movement luminous hands and 2.
39,90 EUR
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