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The pocket watch as a stylish Accessoire

Already at times of the first models served pocket watches not only as pure time knives, but also as a stylish Accessoire. First they were affordable merely for well-to-do people, so that they also are even today a symbol for noblesse. Before the pocket watch with a mostly skilfully formed pocket watch chain with which the clock was fastened to jerkin or trousers was carried. Also even today the chain is valid as inalienable accessories for the connection of the pocket watch in the clothes. Besides, with the suit with waistcoat the clock belongs in the vest pocket. However, even if you prefer the casual style, you can combine a pocket watch very well: It is carried, on this occasion, in the right trouser pocket. With jeans still a small inside pocket thought for these very purposes often exists.

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Regent pocket watches - mechanical hand lift and stamped motives

With Grossuhren.de you find noble pocket watches with the finest mechanics of excellent quality. Of the classical time knives from the time of our grandparents has never got really out of fashion and still today an extravagant Accessoire which stands for good style. The today's models take second place to your antique models in nothing: The jump lid watches of regent distinguish themselves by the skilfully formed, antique old-silvered metal cases, the authentic hand lift and the classical 3 pointer system.

  • jump lid clock, front with motive, metal case
  • Antique old-silvered, mechanical clockwork, 3 pointer system
  • hand lift, diameter approx. 48 cm

Elegant, stamped motives: Pocket watches with Grossuhren.de shop

If you big value on skilfully formed motives lay, find in the assortment of Grossuhren.de with certainty a model which corresponds to your wishes. With the finely stamped motives something is present for every taste., Among the rest, they show subjects like fishing, horse riding, hunting, stylistic sceneries and vehicles.