Haller Clocks 8-day movement


Wonderful affectionately by hand mounted table watches

The travel clocks of the watch factory of Haller enchant every person who more exactly looks them. If you still search a special present for a dear person who loves valuable clocks, then these collector's items are definitely a lovely idea for it. All travel watch from the watch factory of Haller are produced affectionately by hand. They belong to a collection and, therefore, have collector's value. But also for the friends of elegant table watch these watches are interesting. With us you can buy the whole collection on-line.

Carriage Clock exclusively Haller 2401
.Travel clock after an original from 1870, with no movement with massive Messig Gehaaeuse watches with a hammered surface of the watch manufacturer HALLER, order online and buy in the shop for GrrosseUhren and pay by credit card purchase with Paypal or prepayment with discounts.
799,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Travel Clocks Doucine Haller 2405
Sell ??and buy travel very inexpensively without percussion is according to original documents of the 19th French carriage clocks Century in the watchmaker made ??HALLER, all travel clocks feature a high quality brass watch case with faceted crystal glass Onlone order in the webshop clocks.
799,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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Precision work is in the house Haller Point of honour

Precision of the optics up to the clockwork is with the table clocks of Haller a self-evident fact. All travel clocks from the house Haller are equipped with an especially high-quality 8 day feather extract work which guarantees precision with the function of such a clock for you. For the production only high-quality materials are used. On the clockwork you receive a guarantee from two years. To use only high-quality materials is valid of course also for the optical creation of the travel clocks. These perfectly shaped watches are coated either with brass or are nickel-plated. All brass and nickel parts become of course hand-polished, before such a clock leaves the work. Every detail is the result of affectionate manual labour.