Pocket watches from Regent, are treasures of traditional watchmaking


Savonnettes with double hinge and lift-up lid

As Peter Henlein in 1508 in Nuremberg his watch tin built which was carried in a bag in the trousers belt, he could not anticipate that this kind of time knife initiated an important triumphal procession. However, it still lasted till the age of the industrialisation, until these chronometres found wide spreading. Particularly around the cities of Nuremberg and Augsburg the manufactures which specialised in the production of these watches settled in Germany quickly. Every part had to be produced with big precision by hand. Noble materials were used. Long time the extravagantly made wonderworks were affordable only for very much well-to-do.

skeleton pocket Regent BA-551
Mechanical pocket watch partly gilded with double crack cover Dial side and skeleton movement Plant under glass visible buy from Regent as from 18.Jahrhundert and still current!
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At the beginning of the 18th century developed the watchmakers in France the so-called Savonnettes, a clock so small, flatly and around like a "piece of soap". To reach for the protection of the sensitive glass and in order to the real clockwork, lift-up lids were appropriated on the preside and back. Distinguished men allowed to here engrave her coats of arms or initials. To be able to read the time more comfortable, the masters of the exactness attached the crown on the 3-clock position, later the watches also received a second announcement. The crown served at the same time as a lift for the feather and as a setting for the minutes and Stundenzeige. Till this day nothing has changed in the mechanical watches. After the period of bloom of the wristwatch, the pocket watch experiences a Renaissance.

Also Discover you the venerable atmosphere which these noble watches own still today. Valuable materials are used to indicate precious time. For example, the models of regent, with gilt case, show the full range of the noblesse of elegant chronometres. They will be inspired. Look still today in the on-line shop from grossuhren.de and choose the clock suitably your outfit.