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The pocket watch as a fashion accessory

Even in the days of the first models, pocket watches served not only as pure timekeepers but also as fashionable accessories. At first they were only affordable for wealthy people, so that they are still a symbol of nobility today. Already in former times the pocket watch was worn with a mostly artistically designed pocket watch chain, with which the watch was attached to doublet or trousers. Even today the chain is still considered an indispensable accessory for attaching the pocket watch to clothing. When wearing a suit with vest, the watch belongs in the vest pocket. But even if you prefer the casual style, you can still combine a pocket watch perfectly: It is worn in the right trouser pocket. With jeans there is often a small inside pocket for the same purpose.

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Regent pocket watches - mechanical manual winding and embossed motifs

At Grossuhren.de you will find noble pocket watches with finest mechanics of outstanding quality. The classic timepiece from the time of our grandparents never really went out of fashion and is still today an extravagant accessory, which stands for good style. Today's models are in no way inferior to their antique counterparts: The spring cover watches from Regent are characterized by the artfully designed, antique silver-plated metal cases, the authentic manual winding and the classic three-hand system.

  • Jumping lid clock, front side with motif, metal case, use
  • antique silver-plated antique, mechanical movement, three-hand system
  • Manual hoist, diameter approx. 48 cm

Stylish, stamped motifs: buy pocket watches at Grossuhren.de

If you attach great importance to artistically designed motifs, you will certainly find a model in the Grossuhren.de assortment that meets your wishes. With the finely embossed motifs there is something for every taste. Among other things they show topics such as fishing, riding, hunting, stylistic landscapes and vehicles.