Jacques Farel Titan children's wristwatch

children's titan watches

Titan child wristwatches easily and friendly to skin

Two demands should fulfil a good child clock, on the one hand she should appeal to the children from today optically, so that they are also carried. On the other hand they should exist of environment-friendly materials like the unique child watches of Jacques Farel. Since 1982 the Swiss Jacques Froidevaux produces quite traditionally high-quality watches and under it are also excluding child watches which correspond to the highest production standards. On account of her high quality the enterprise sells his child watches already in 35 countries worldwide and the enterprise is already led in the second generation what testifies of the passion to the Uhrmacherei. Besides, also takes effect that to itself the product developers are about that in the clear that the little ones only must learn the contact with a clock. To make easier this step to the kids, Jacques Farel Kinderuhren with marked hour hands and minute hands comes along by which the children learn faster to read the time correctly.

Titan's wristwatches for boys and girls

Around the fun in the child clock, the house Farel finely worked out and with love has processed sketched 3D motives on the clock and above all the announced favorite subjects of the kids were chosen. For Jungs cool pictures are in the foreground like football, while girls prefer rather pictures of ponies or butterflies. Not only the design is consistent with Jacques Farel Kinderuhr, but she also disposes of the guaranteed best safety standards and, hence, fulfils also all European directives like a secure battery compartment for all alarm clocks. Besides, tilled cotton is used for the bracelets only ecologically to be sure that no pollutants are included. The product control encloses the ROHS, directives for electronics devices, REACH which encloses EU chemical order like they the utility item order which guarantees the observance of the nickel limit values like they also no use of injurious Azo colours. The observance of this default is so important to the house Farel, because children are looked as the future. Therefore, the manufacturer has developed different models which do justice to the highest claims to children and parents. The ecological draught demanded by Farel for his child watches finds itself even in the packaging material.


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