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Alarm clock by Arne Jacobsen

The alarm clocks from the Arne Jacobsen brand, which sprang from the creative spirit of Arne Jacobsen, impress with their interesting design and style. Extroverted and different - this is how the creative quartz alarm clocks can be described. From modern to classic, whether white or should dominate black or even in the trendy bourdex-red retro style, with an alarm clock from the original range by Arne Jacobsen you not only bring a reliable stand-up aid into your home, but also an optically, high-quality piece of jewelry.

All watches are battery-operated quartz watches, which are characterized by an easy-to-read dial. Whether Arabic numbers, Roman numerals or simple lines - even from a distance, time is clearly visible, legible and easy to recognize.

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Design alarm clock by Arne Jacobsen

The shapes are unusual. Extroverted. Alarm clock with character. The round shape nestles elegantly against the shiny, polished metal stand. Not easily surpassed, all alarm clocks are made of plastic and covered with a black, white or Bordeaux red paint. Also worth mentioning is the built-in LED light function for all alarm clocks, which lights up the clock face in every situation and the time can be read.

Quartz alarm clock with character in Danish design

Thanks to the battery operation, you do not have to worry about troublesome winding up and readjusting the time, but you are on the safe side for up to a whole year.

Idiosyncratic alarm clock design

If you want to start a new day with a sonorous tone, one of the numerous, individual Arne Jacobsen alarm clocks is exactly the right decision. Are you looking for an alternative, then take a look at our alarm clock category Jacob Jensen . If you also want a small decorative element on the bedside console, you are at the right place.