Hindenburg zeppelin watches of brand watches with automatic mechanical watch movements by Citizen quartz-controlled or here online in our webshop

zellelin hindenburg wristwatch

Wristwatches LZ129 Hindenburg von Zeppelin

Wristwatches LZ129 Hindenburg the watchmark Zeppelin, the Hindenburg was a work of art made of thin fabric and linen, made of aluminum and math, according to Michael M. Mooney. The famous Zeppelin LZ 129 Hindenburg, symbolizing elegance and cultured travel, was the source of inspiration for this watch series in retro-contemporary design. The strongly domed case with its fine edge and the emphasized simple and classy designed dials give the watches "LZ129 Hindenburg" timeless beauty.

7060-5 Zeppelin Hindenburg
Cheap Citizen watch with mechanical movement with power reserve indicator is less than 400 € a clock that belongs in every collection of watches for daily wear or simply order here and buy in large shop with a credit card simply wristwatches.
466,92 EUR
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Zeppelin 7086-5 LZ129 Chronograph
Quartz Chronograph with stop function, wrist watch with Swiss Ronda movement for everyday wear big watches shop here in order to simply 
271,97 EUR
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