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Zeppelin Watches named after the German pioneer of aeronautics, known for his huge airships, constructed in 1900 steered the world's first rigid airship "LZ 1". 1909 founded the Zeppelin Airship Zeppelin GmbH, Friedrichshafen. This was their civil, commercial and international passenger flights, the first Airline in the world. The "crazy Count from Lake Constance" built workshops, the engines and transmission gears as well developed and produced as envelopes and cellular gas bodies as well as halls for the airship. "LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin" and "LZ 129 Hindenburg" were historic milestones that were never achieved again . Between 1900 and 1938 constructed the ZEPPELIN GmbH more than 100 airships in 27 different versions. The largest was in 1938 "LZ 129" with a length of 245 meters, a diameter of 41.2 meters and a volume of 200,000 m3. 4 Daimler diesel engines with 4,200 horsepower brought the airship to a maximum speed of 131 km / hr. and a range of 12,000 km from Japan, North and South America for the transport of passengers, mail and freight.