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Zeppelin wristwatches are watch series from the airship industry named after the German pioneer of aeronautics. He is known for his giant airships, and in 1900 he constructed the world's first steerable rigid airship, the LZ 1. In 1909, ZEPPELIN founded the airship construction company Zeppelin GmbH, Friedrichshafen. With its civil, commercial and worldwide passenger flights, this was the 1st airline in the world.

Zeppelin chronograph 7618M-1
Mechanical chronograph with automatic movement caliber of Zeppelin Valjoux 7753 chronograph function with additional telemeter and tachometer scale here in the online shop.
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Chronometer Chronograph Zeppelin 7620-1
Zeppelin chronometer tested by the Glashütte Observatory. Chronograph and at the same time chronometer is usually installed in watches of Swiss luxury brands. This wristwatch is a top Zeppelin product from the series "100 years Zeppelin". Valjaux movement 7753 was tested and certified as chronometer in Glashütte, in the Institute for chronometer testing.
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Chronograph Zeppelin 8680-4 green
Discover the Zeppelin chronograph from the "100 Years of Zeppelin" watch series! The functions small second, add and split function, chronograph, date, alarm (alarm clock), 12 hour counter, 30 minute counter, give information about the current time.
299,00 EUR
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High-quality watches for ladies and gentlemen for 100 years now

Zeppelin offers technically sophisticated and classically beautiful watch models for men and women. Take a look around our extensive range and find your favorite model: we offer a large selection of different chronographs and wristwatches from various Zeppelin collections. You will certainly not be disappointed by the best quality of these elegant timepieces paired with an almost unbeatable price-performance ratio.

Zeppelin watch series portable on each new day

For the quality-conscious gentleman we offer for example the automatic watch Night Cruise. A premium watch caliber of the Citizen watch factory is incorporated into a stainless steel case. The watch is of course waterproof (to 200 meters) and by the sapphire glass used absolutely insensitive to scratches and scratches. Through the glass bottom you can enjoy an exciting view of the automatic movement when putting on and taking off the Night Cruise. You can order the watch with a diameter of 42mm with leather or metal bracelet.

The model LZ127 Graf Zeppelin looks a little more elegant. The wristwatch has a full calendar and also a display of the moon phase. It is quartz controlled and also comes with a leather or metal bracelet, depending on personal preference. The model measures 40 mm in diameter and is water resistant to 30 meters.

The fashion-conscious lady will certainly like the beautiful model Princess of the Sky. This wristwatch is filigree and appeals to you especially if you prefer female watches. The model is available in two sizes, and wristwatches in different colors offer a large selection. The special feature of the Princess of the Sky is that its wearer can always enjoy an unobstructed view of the delicate movement, which lies directly under the watch glass without a concealing dial.

100 years Graf Zeppelin

Graf vom Bodensee built workshops that developed and produced engines and transmission gears as well as shells and cellular gas bodies and halls for airship construction. LZ 127 GRAF ZEPPELIN, and LZ 129 HINDENBURG, were historical milestones that were never reached again. Between 1900 and 1938 ZEPPELIN GmbH constructed more than 100 airships in 27 different versions. In 1938, the largest was the LZ 129, with a length of 245 meters, a diameter of 41.2 meters and a volume of 200,000 m3. 4 Daimler diesel engines with 4,200 HP brought the airship to a maximum speed of 131 km/h and a range of 12,000 km to Japan, North and South America for the transport of passengers, mail and freight.

Visit Grossuhren.de and choose one of the many models from the watch collection of the renowned brand Zeppelin. 100 years of Zeppelin - there must be a reason.